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About us

Scientific and technical complex "Cryogenic Technique" Ltd. was found in 1996 on the base of research institute "Microcryogenic Technique" and pilot production of OJSC "Sibcryotechnique" and now is the assignee of scientific and technical specialization of OJSC "Sibcryotechnique" and keeps leadership in research, development  and production of microcryogenic, vacuum and compressor  units, air-conditioning systems, cryogenic storage and cooling equipment providing needs of science, industry and defense using cryogenic temperatures (lower than 120K up to 2,8 K) and effects based on them, technologies, land military applications.


STC "Cryogenic Technique" occupies with research and engineering developments and manufactures new technique models, equipment including against government orders of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and special engineering sections as well as space researches.


Our equipment is unique, with high reliability and specifications, being on the latest world standards level.

Scientific and technical complex "Cryogenic Technique" realizes full cycle of activities in research, development, production, putting into operation, staff trainig and after-sales service of cryogenic equipment, units of microcryogenic, cooling equipment and special conditioners, vacuum cryogenic pumps and acetylene compressors.


Scientific and technical complex "Cryogenic Technique" includes 10 research and engineering department-designers of equipment. The enterprise disposes of its own pilot production (pilot-line production, manufacture of production of cryogenic and microcryogenic equipment and service center).



Realization of scientific-research, experimental design works, development and manufacture of:

  • Cryogenic equipment including fitting and equipment for maintenance during time operation;
  • Microcryogenic equipment for optoelectronic, thermal imaging and other apparatus of special purpose for ground-based, aviation and space complexes;
  • Refrigerating equipment;
  • Special climate units and air-conditioners for stationary and mobile objects:
    • Mobile models of defense technology for land forces, sea technology, aviation;
    • Operator driver cabs of railway transport, special vehicles and excavators.


  • Compressor units for products of special and general industrial function (acetylene compressor units, helium compressors, air compressors);


  •  Natural gas supply systems with cryogenic equipment;
  • Cryogenic vacuum pumps used for recovery of ultra-high, ultra-pure vacuum in electronic, optical, electrotechnical, chemical  industries, medicine, vacuum metallurgy;
  • Consumer goods, small architectural shapes, elements of room and shop equipment decors.

Development and implementation of special technological processes on the following directions:

  • Ion-plasmous methods of covering and treatment of parts;
  • Ionic chemical-thermal treatment of steel and alloys;
  • Laser and diffusion welding of thin-walled and dissimilar materials;
  • Powder metallurgy (on the base of copper and iron);
  • Compositional polymeric and metal-polymeric self-lubricated materials.

Promising scientific and technical developments in branch of microcryogenic, cryogenic, refrigerating and vacuum equipment.

Service rendering for organizations and enterprises using cryogenic equipment (mobile and stationary cryogenic reservoirs, tanks, cold gasifiers and gasification units) manufactured by OJSC "Sibcryotechnique" and by it's subsidiaries.


Technological policy of the enterprise is turned to use of the most up-to-date achievements of the world science in microcryogenic and cryogenic industry, taking into consideration their necessary adaptation to Russian market.  Scientific research and experimental design activity is carrying out at our enterprise on promising directions.

The enterprise has Certificate of State Accreditation of Scientific Organization. Scientific activities of the enterprise coordinate and direct by the Scientific and Technical Council, headed by Chairman - Candidate of Technical Science, Academician of the International Academy of Refrigeration. Two Doctors and sixteen Candidates of Technical Science have been working at the enterprise for a long time.

Our researches have published more than 1600 scientific papers, presented more than 800 reports at All-Russian and International Conferences, obtained more than 800 patents and Author's Certificates, bronze medal was given at the Brussels World Forum of new technologies "Evrika-94".

Being from the beginning, the enterprise has been developing and introducing quality system as integrated system ensuring coordination of all organization department activities, which effect on all elements of quality system.
Hence now complex "Cryogenic Technique" has Certificate of Conformity No. 6300.310085/ RU of 24.12.1999 issued by the Certification Union "Oboronsertifica" ("Defense Certificate").

Functioning and constant improvement of quality system are confirmation of stable quality of developments and manufactured products and guarantee satisfaction of requirement and expectations of our consumers.


Having specialists who have big experience with big scientific and technical projects, we can offer customers sell on "turnkey" project including: development and design, manufacture of equipment and its delivery, installation, commissioning as well as after-sales and extended services.

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Microcryogenic equipment
Equipment for liquefied natural gas (methane)
Cryogenic equipment
Integrated natural gas supply system
Compressed natural gas equipment
Optional equipment
Climatic and cooling equipment for ships and boats
Air - conditioners of special purpose
Shut-off regulating valves for liquids and gases
Compressor equipment
Oxygen filler
Nitrogen filler